It’s been a busy month or so with the guys doing multiple projects including an access bridge in Leamington and road crossings in Chatham-Kent among other things. We’re also seeing some new faces on the team and a new tri-axle to round things out. So far it’s turning out to be a great summer!

Dresser Drain

The Dresser Drain access bridge turned out to be somewhat unusual in that it required a pipe be run below the access bridge culvert. In this project, Gene had the bridge end walls in place then switched to dig a narrow trench to run a storm drain below the pipe. Then the CSP pipe was able to be installed and the bridge finished…

Pioneer Line Road Crossings

This month also brought a project in Chatham-Kent to upgrade the storm drainage along Pioneer Line. There were some pretty deep trenches and the guys worked very hard to get this project finished. We’re wrapping up the asphalt on the last couple of crossings then it will be clean up and finished!

Some of the trenches (8 crossings in all) turned out to be quite deep – nearly 12ft at one point. Trench boxes were needed to keep the guys safe. We also ran into utilities in places but managed to thread the needle and get the job done.

New Tri-Axle

It’s been a long time coming but our new tri-axle dump truck is now on the road and in full operation. It is definitely a welcome addition to the team!

Staffing Updates

We would like to enthusiastically welcome Bob McGuire, Nathan Clarke, Robert Walton and Darby Lemieux to the team. A few of our guys have moved on to other endeavers in life and we wish them all the best. In turn, we’ve got some new but experienced blood that is ready for the challenges ahead. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with some of the new faces along with Manuel, Dave and other staples of the company.

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