We are nearing the finish line on our latest break-wall project for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This project consisted of sheet pile installation, curbs, a spillway, tie-backs, anchor blocks and we will soon be finished with asphalt paving.

The project began with an old timber wall that was falling apart and could no longer performing its intended function.

Before the project began.

First was installation of sheet piles including fabrication and installation of wale.

Installation of the top cap and beginning backfill of clear stone.

Following that we prepped the base for asphalt and formed and poured curbs and a spillway section.

Soon we’ll see the finished product!

In the picture below Gene is installing sheet piles to keep the excavation safe from caving in when extracting the site fuel tanks. Goodreau Excavating is assisting Facilities Maintenance Corp in digging out and replacing fuel tanks at a 7-Eleven in Windsor, ON.