Our Services

Septic Systems

On-Site Sewer Systems, also known as “septic systems” are a common solution to rural sanitary requirements. At Goodreau Excavating, we are licensed installers and inspectors always ready to tackle the most challenging of installation projects.


Whether it’s farm drainage or a municipal project, or perhaps you have a commercial property or greenhouse requiring drainage or storm sewer management, we can deliver on any storm management system you may require.

Shoreline and Breakwalls

Many homes, cottages, businesses and other properties are located near shorelines. Breakwalls, armour stone, concrete and other solutions are often implemented in an attempt to thwart nature. Unfortunately nature fights back sometimes and these structures require installation, repairs or rebuilds. Give us a call and we’ll offer the best possible solutions.

Erosion Protection

Farm drainage, marshes, municipal drains and many other properties often require erosion protection. From a pipe draining a field to stepping down a stream we have you covered.


We do various commercial and residential concrete work such as curbs, sidewalks, flat work etc.


Got an old concrete slab you want removed? Need something broken that doesn’t want to break? With our excavator mounted demolition hammers and other demolition tools we can take down virtually anything.

Site Work and Servicing

Storm sewers, water mains, sanitary sewers and everything in between we can service your site or project.


We can handle most parking lot and road repairs, new parking lots and other asphalt related work.