Goodreau Excavating has provided drainage services in all shapes and sizes for over 40 years.

We pride ourselves in having contributed a substantial percentage of the infrastructure work in the area over an extended period of time and we’re still going strong! Consequently, our experience covers a broad range of services and installation of most types of municipal infrastructure.

Municipal Drainage

We routinely work for the various municipalities in the area providing drainage and contracting services.

Farm Drainage and Contracting Services

We provide drainage services to farmers along with contracting services for things like breaking out concrete pads, removing old structures, installing culverts or removing treelines, digging ponds etc.

Site Servicing

We provide site servicing for residential and commercial projects including storm sewer, water and sanitary and septic systems.

Great for you

Our experience is great for you! It means you are in good hands and when definitely need to get a project done, you can call us and then relax with confidence as the work simply gets done. No fuss, no muss.

If you’re wondering who you should contact to discuss work, give us a call and by all means feel free to contact the competition. There is never any pressure and we will always simply do what we can to help, or not. When we are the right fit we’ll work together to assist you in providing the appropriate solution, when we’re not the best fit we’ll freely acknowledge so and if we can we’ll give the name of someone we think could be better suited for your needs. There is never harm in giving us a call!