Erosion Protection

Goodreau Excavating provides many soil and erosion control solutions throughout the area including the design of systems and the installation of catch basins, coffer dams, culverts, drop pipe inlets, erosion control blankets, geogrids, interlocking concrete blocks, silt fences and floating curtains, surface water inlets and so on.

We are also registered with Ontario Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) as a Soil Erosion Control certificate holder.

As a certificate holder we are required to follow the standards set such as :

  • Actively pursue formal and informal opportunities to enhance and improve level of knowledge and competence with respect to the design and construction of soil erosion control projects (i.e. keep and refer to current versions of the Agricultural Erosion Control Structures Manual, attend industry association meetings and seminars, attend OMAFRA delivered training and information sessions).
  • Act conscientiously and diligently in providing professional services.
  • Clearly identify to clients the services being provided.
  • Work closely with clients and adjacent landowners to reduce neighbour conflicts as a result of installed soil erosion control projects.
  • Recognize the importance of communication between engineers, contractors, farmers, etc., in the design, construction and maintenance of soil erosion control projects.
  • Be thoroughly informed when giving professional opinions or making recommendations.
  • Consult with other professionals and ministry staff where appropriate.
  • Ensure information and advice provided to clients is accurate and up-to-date.