Shoreline erosion creates several problems:

  • It weakens the barrier between your home and forces of nature (like ice heaving & ice jacking).
  • It washes away your yard inch by inch, and you’re not allowed to replace what’s been lost.
  • It prevents you from enjoying your land (and water) to the fullest.
  • It may lower your property value.
  • It’s ugly.

Usually the best way to remedy or prevent erosion is to install a sturdy riprap shoreline.  Goodreau Excavating can create erosion-resistant shorelines .

Our shorelines resist erosion on any body of water your property might be on – be it a lake or river stream or pond.  Our shorelines are muskrat resistant, too. We can even control erosion on steeper slopes.

Whatever your erosion-control needs are, Goodreau Excavating can help.

Prevent Ice Heaving, Ice Jacking, & Ice Ridges on Your Shoreline

Your shoreline is a pleasant, relaxed place during the warmer months…if it makes it through the colder months intact.

The winter freeze and spring thaw together can ruin your shoreline.  Ice heaving, ice jacking, and ice/pressure ridges are three distinct problems with the same outcome: a beat-up, heaved shoreline, at the very least.  Some especially nasty ice heaves can even crash into your home, if it’s close enough to the water.

Your best defense against ice heaving, ice jacking, and ice ridges is a strong, durable riprap shoreline!  Riprap stones, when built on the right grade at the proper slope, on tough fabric, and piled in just the right amounts, can shield your shoreline and the rest of your property better than anything else can – period.  Although there is no guarantee that riprap will “prevent” winter damage in all cases, it’s your single best option when it comes to preventative measures taken against ice heaving and ice jacking!